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The Refuge believes in free, accessible software and services that members can reliably use without worrying about invasive ads or having their information auctioned off. This page serves as the main navigation for our sites and services within Calamity Refuge, as well as additional information about how things work. Some sites or services are unknowable and are not presented through this portal, but we're glad they exist anyway.

If you find anything outdated or missing from this page, please locate a simplebot who can pass on a message to a very unaware administrator.

Sites and Services

These items are developed or managed by Refuge Administration and subject to the Code of Conduct.



Gen 10






    4x 2.2GHz

    8GB RAM

    80GB Disk

    The community's Discord chat and support server.

    Calamity Refuge's quality-of-life Discord chatbot, with added NationStates accessibility.

    The universal email portal for access for Refuge-assigned email addresses.

    Refuge forums, proudly still running FOSS SMF. Private archives for years 2008-2018

    A utility for region-builders, defenders, and researchers to recover data on NationStates.


    Statistics and analytics utility for the NationStates Defender faction.

    A utility for players across NationStates to easily locate and endorse their regionmates.

    Refugia's secure, off-site voting suite for elections and administered referendums.

    The shared wiki for all things CalRef, including RPs, Refugia nations, tutorials and more.

    Avadon's game maps, annotated to show secrets, treasure, quest objects, and more.

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